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Welcome Spring with organic wool slippers!

March 1, 2022
felted wool slippers house shoes boots handmade

The Spring is here! I know I know, I am a bit late – spring is here for a while already but as Lithuanians say “Better late than never!” (Do English speakers have the saying?)
I can’t wait to ditch all those layers of t-shirts, blazers, jumpers and all the others of the company, but still not able to do that, thanks to the freezing evenings!
Seriously, you wake up, the sun is above the head already, the thermometer is exploding, the soon to bloom flowers are near explosion as well. You jump up, put some light clothes on, tiny jacket, leather sandals and out through the door.

Cold feet – the fun killer

Everything goes well if you don’t have to stay outside till the evening, because this is the time when the drama begins. The prepacked cardigan might help freezing shoulders, but if the feet are in sandals there is no magic to fix that. Seriously, cold feet can ruin the evening instantaneously.

Foot Therapy Felt wool slippers Matcha Green Gray, Housewarming gifts - Custom colors with Eco Crepe soles

Whether you choose to wear these Lightweight and Warm Womens Felt wool slippers Matcha Green Gray with sturdy stitched sole crepe at home, in the garden or to the office – welcome to feel the Benefits of Nature – the Ecotherapy!

There are definitely more footwear options than sandals alone. You can put on ballet flats, moccasins or sneakers and this for sure would help a lot. But is that enough?
Running around with the ballet flats at a daytime, can be exhausting, since their sole is usually very thin, it does not contain the warmth as good also, so the cold evening might not get much warmer. Sneakers can get too hot if the sun is doing its job as expected. The foot gets vet really soon if its overheated, and in the evening breeze that moisture does no good, it actually attracts cold.

What shoes to choose for that womanlike weather then?

Pretty tough task, huh? You can try and solve it yourself or you can use my advice and get yourself a pair of organic wool felted slippers or felt boots. The advice is unusual but none of us wants to be an average Jane, so let this spring spice up your wardrobe a little.

Royal Wool Felted Boots Blue Denim for home

Organic wool Black felted boots, Valenki

Organic wool Black felted boots Valenki – Handmade in custom natural wool colors

Wool is an organic material, it does wonders for a sheep when it comes to regulating body temperature. It helps your feet and body to stay warm when its cold outside and it pushes away the heat when the temperature raises. Same happens with the felted wool of which @Feltwoolslippers are made. So a pair of felted wool house shoes (warm slippers for women or wool slippers men) is a great option for unexpected temperature changes.

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