Welcome to feel the Warm and Comfortable Foot Therapy by wearing these wool organic felt slippers in Gray and Green!
Wear these cozy Mens felt slipper clogs with sturdy stitched Amazonian sole crepe in the garden or to the office.
And when they wear out, you can simply hide them in your backyard’s ground. They’ll dissapear. Both the wool and soles are Biodegradable.
We use 100% naturally grown wool with just a simple blend of water, air, sunshine and green grass. Enjoy this fresh greenery felted house shoes slippers on your feet – with biodegradable rubber soles all year round. Choose your colors!
A felt bootie style slipper now will be made with a colorful plantation rubber soles. That are biodegradable, non slippery, flexible and comfortable. Choose a color of wool organic and crepe rubber soles.