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August 2022

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So Many Shades of Pink Wool Home Slippers Are Trending Right Now

August 30, 2022

Pink is the color most often associated with femininity, charm, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, the romantic. When combined with white, it is associated with innocence.

Lets think about the organic pink wool footwear for now and look around the pink shades for wool house shoes, bedroom slippers, felted shoes and felt boots. Back in January, Pantone announced that Very Peri was this year’s trendiest shade. But 2022 had other plans and we can see in footwear trends that the pink shades are on the top now. 


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Featured, Trends 2023

Organic Wool Felt Shoes and Boots – Ready for Comfort Winter Wear

August 29, 2022
Wool Felt Boots and Shoes For Adults - Comfort Winter Wear

You never admit it’s already fall until the freezing feet remind you of themselves. Our Etsy shop @FeltWoolSlippers team of artists decided to add something new to the wool boots and felt wool shoes for outdoors collection to help you, our customers, avoid this unpleasant token of a cold season. We added the rugged TR rubber soles for outdoors onto our handmade felted boots valenki and felt wool shoes.

TR rubber soles are durable, flexible, lightweight – added with nature friendly glue and hand stitched with traction for the additional durability – you can bravely walk outdoors in winter or cold weather. For snowy, icy and cold weather, non-slippery on any kind of ground or floors, snow or ice.

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